To be very fair, I don't want to die. Death is the ultimate surrender against all odds. The problem is that I don't know why am I here. What aa I supposed to do. Would anyone notice if I am not there anymore. What significance my life has on others.

The point is, that being anonymous does not help at all. It is pushing me towards the ledge that will one day push me over. My only concern is that when that day will arrive, will it have an impact?

If you spend a life in such a manner that no one ever notices your absence then maybe there is something wrong with your life.

There are so many ads that will tell you that depression is bad and you need help but noone knows that being able to tell someone that you need help is the hardest part. I would rather keep my feelings to myself and keep them that way than sharing then with someone who could pretend that they give a damn.

Nonetheless I hope that someone does understand my depression and does reach out.


Till then I just hope to die alone in my anonymity



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