I am in a happy mood. Spending Diwali with my family. But I think I still can write such stories. So here it is. For your eyes...

HE, an absolute romantic, but hippie at heart and a show off as eccentric in public.
SHE, romantic but so much into emulating occurrences of movie scenes and to portray all types of characters, negative ones too. Tell me what’s the drama, if it’s not in real life?
So, it so happened that HE has the image of a perfect girl in his mind. Li’l in height (approx 5’), chubby chubby. Actually, let’s correct the description, right away. Since HE was 5’10”, so for him, even 5’3” was small. And there were many girls, totally in love with him. Too possessive of him. To go to any extent for him.
(Yes, one may actually never imagine “the extent”. He is a gentleman at heart. A true friend. Which girl in her right frame of mind, would not love such an image!)
SHE was a total drama queen. Too pampered. By her parents. By her friends. Wanting to experiment. Life had got too boring. Everything routinized.
And they met on facebook. Something was different. Both had not done this exactly what they just did. HE sending friend request. Oh yes, that was kind of rarest of rare for him. And SHE accepting a friend request from someone she knew nothing of. Yes, there were 40-50 common friends, but SHE did not know anything about him. Not directly. And surprisingly, not even indirectly. A question that she must have thought was what if this guy turned out to be a pervert?
(Wait wait, this is not the facebook romance yet! At least please let me complete my part before jumping into conclusion.)
And what they talked initially, the studies. Yes, you read it right, “the academics”. Their first interaction on facebook. Their first interaction on linkedin. And their first interaction on gtalk. Yes, HE was the one who initiated the conversation. Or maybe HE had loads of time to kill. At least SHE had! And about him, this is what SHE assumed. Whenever SHE felt like chatting, SHE used to reply. When not, SHE just used to completely ignore him. A typical GIRL!
****************** Fast forward a few years **********************************************
HE found her to be BEST friend as well as GIRLFRIEND. And since he had proposed and she accepted, he wanted things to be all truthful between them. So whatever used to come up into his mind, he used to tell her.
SHE was worried about her feelings. HER feelings for HIM. This was not how it was supposed to be. It was just supposed to be exciting. An exhilarating, a new feeling. But it was turning into just so serious. What happened in between? How did that Pyar ka Punchnama just get screwed up?
Whatever HE asked for, SHE was ready to do. OK, not so enthusiastically the first time. It took time. May be a tender submissive angle SHE had, although my perception of her being too much interested in challenges and to do the opposite of what is the norm.
A re-telling of stories it was for HER. And SHE totally believed in the philosophy of every good friend was once a stranger. So SHE was all pro for meeting new people, knowing new people and experiencing new people, even if it meant crossing a few boundaries.
And so it happened one day. Once when there was an argument between them, SHE played one of her master cards. Oh, SHE was already aware that HE liked her a lot and HE would never ever ever let her to be in problem ever. And when HE suggested to let’s take a break of a week for this all intensified feeling because may be the reason was 24*7 together, SHE actually smiled. A big smile on her face. At the same time, HE was all low, all sad. Yes, SHE has the audacity to do that, she can actually play one of those negative roles. Hurray!!
But oh no, again, SHE just felt him slip through her fingers. “Who would give me so much attention now? I mean I am so attuned to him. HE is just so big a chunk of my time. I don’t want him to go.” And so again, SHE was back to her switching on her self-deprecating self. “Hey babes, I don’t wanna lose you naa. I cannot live without you. And it’s all my mistake, not your fault sweetheart. Please do not think of yourself to be ever wrong. I love you naa”.
Thus, the story continued. When will HE realize the actual thing? To come out of the trance SHE had telecast on him!

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