Are we getting so accustomed to luxurious life that we don't realize what natural and climatic calamities are we giving invitation to??
Ruining of stretches of forests to construct huge skyscraper home for humans is justified to what extent? The weather imbalance is nothing but a result of the large amount of human generated pollution. Uncertain and insufficient rainfall has drastically affected the crops. This has led to huge debts on farmers and forced them to commit suicide.
The rising temperatures increase our need of air conditioner. Be it office or home or cars we want air cooler everywhere, ignoring the impact it's having on the climate. We have put our conveniences on top of everything, and have become least bothered of it's outcome.

Planting trees.on barren land is just not enough . We have to be responsible for their growth and thereby come up with a plan that would help improve the climatic conditions or else the worst is yet to come.

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