“He wanted to become an artist, like his mom
He was a brave man, just like his grandpa
But now he was a criminal
Only because he loved a man”
Sixty six years have passed
They say we are free; really? Are we?
Where a person isn’t free to love another person
They say love is the purest and the most innocent emotion
Then why disrespect it?
People now are getting inside others’ bedrooms
To judge who to make love with
Taking away their right to love
How would you feel someone doing the same with you?
Who are we to judge what’s moral and immoral
A law being implemented
On who to have sex with
It’s my choice who to love and with whom to spend my life
I may want a husband I may want a wife
Sixty six years have passed
Yet we are far behind
In terms of openness and change
The world goes on traditions may change
Thinking may change
Moral and immoral may vary
But ‘acceptance’ needs to be constant

*Personal views. Not an invitation for fight*

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