The way the world sees India...
There are two ways the world actually sees India.
1. The mystic land shrouded in magic and poverty
2. The mystic land shrouded in magic and poverty


So was I... but I quickly realized that these are two views of two very different set of people.
India is definitely not on the to do list for most travelers, unless they’re hippies or adventurous.
The doctors and consulates around the world dissuade their citizens from visiting India. The doctors for the third world diseases that India supposedly spreads, the consulates for the dangerous social climate in India.

So let’s take the first view.
The mystic land shrouded in magic and poverty.
This is held by hippies and adventure enthusiast who want to experience something new. This is not a good view. It limits the people coming to India being drug addicts and broke backpackers. So basically people who want to come stay in the osho ashrams or one of the many ashrams in haridhwar where there are no restrictions on drugs or sex. I have nothing against these people. Trust me. More the merrier. But they aren’t contributing anything to the country. No revenue from tourist sales. No intellectual progress, as let’s face it, we knew doping and sex before half the world even knew where to put it. So what are these people adding to India?? They’re adding to the myth that India is poor and unsafe.

Let’s take the second view.
The mystic land shrouded in magic and poverty.
This is held by the other travelling population. The fearful bunch. The Americans and Europeans. Now these are the people with money to spend. Who spend thousands of dollars on travel. For them India is a diseased land, a land where it’s unsafe to travel. People even go to Kenya as it has Masai mara to offer, even though they might get robbed or killed. Why would they come to India and get robbed or killed for nothing?? What does our country offer these people? The people who will give you those thousands of dollars, the world knowledge. You offer them rape and robbery, congested and dirty roads, eve teasing and badly maintained monuments and parks. Why would they come to India?

image for India is the worst it has been in millennia. We were the exotic land people would want to travel to. The rich land that conquerors left their countries to try and possess. The land of sweet and loving people.

The image now?? The land where it’s not safe to travel to. The land of the poor and the diseased. The land where you shouldn’t travel alone and definitely not settle in. the land of robbers, rapists and murderers. The land of no justice.

had yoga, the Kamasutra, the mangoes, the riches diversity geologically than most other countries, the cultural diversity that would put any other country to shame, a past older than when most countries were born. We have all this. And yet what do we project?? What do we do??? We squander it. We ruin all of it. We fucking drive these people away.

Consulates have posted notices for their citizens not to travel to India as it’s a threat to life. And the continuous rapes and robberies DO NOT HELP!!

Hongkong airport has this massive led board which shows departures and arrivals for various flights. It also shows the status for each country. And guess what, we are right next to Pakistan and Africa. ‘Do not travel unless necessary’ ‘unstable political climate, unsafe living conditions’

That’s what India portrays. That’s what we are to the world.
Think about it.

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