Why do you write? It is a 'never asked' question to a writer. But if someday someone puts it forward or if it just pops into your mind out of nowhere, what would be your answer?

Let's go back to the day we wrote our first ever article which sounded like a nursery rhyme or a plotless fairytale fable. Did you ever think you would continue the passion? Again, what was it that made it a passion after all?

Mostly it would be foolish to ponder over such questions. But, if we find the answer to it some day, we may discover our way to be a better writer if not the best. A writer's existance must be self explained, introspected and reasoned so that writing becomes more than a chase for talent or a baseless pursuit for excellence. There is a reason behind every doing, and that defines it. So - Are you a writer? Why do you write?


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