Many times, infact most of the times am in hurry. Lots of things to do, places to go, people to meet and emails and messages to reply and what not. And midst of that when I read a post on WriterBabu, I tend to jump to the author poll reading the post with a bird eye view in hurry. But now when I see some specific question in the poll regarding the post, like which was your favorite line, it forces me to take a pause. I realise that am not actually reading it, I missed out on the beauty of the post and it seemed just like any other.

Reading is an art too just like writing. If you really want to read a post then you have to take a pause and see if the mind is empty or already preoccupied with some thoughts. If your mind is not empty you are going to miss out on the thoughts which the writer wants to express , you will miss out the beauty of words which the poet had placed strategically in their leisure hours, you are going to miss out the meaning, the question, the appeal, the pain, the rage and all other emotions that the post contains in it.

So next time when you rush through a post to take the author poll, take a pause. Pause is the grace of life.

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