Art is the most popular form of expression for one's ideas. It provides a platform where one can apply different layers of distinct colors on the canvas and can speak without uttering a single word.

Early artists tried to capture the essence of real word to keep those paintings somewhat close to reality. A good example of early painting is Leonardo Davinci's "MONALISA". People were able to comprehend these paintings easily. Their resemblance to real world made them great.

Modern artists seem to view the world from a different dimension. The essence that they are trying to capture in their paintings is way different and intricate as compared to early paintings. These paintings can not be judged on the basis of drafting ability as was a necessary requirement for a great painting earlier. These are different. These paintings depict something different from the reality of this world or different from the reality that we perceive. I don't know how these can be judged. But these are most sought-after things in a luxurious place.

Artists make something out of nothing. That's what makes them adorable in the eyes of a connoisseurs.The immense passion for what they do inspire others to follow their dreams. Here was the visit of an art gallery that reminded me of my passion and how zealously I must pursue it. I am very much obliged to thank all the artists.

Tags: Painting

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