As I was lazily sitting in the chair, reflecting upon some of my deep thoughts-as the thoughtful being I was, my whatsapp vibrated.
I remembered messaging Sania Di for some petty stupid reason. I loved irritating her a lot.
I opened it to check what she had written, in reply. I was a bit amused, the message wasn't from her but from Divya, my ex-best friend.

We had been close friends, but nevertheless, time and few jealous people pulled us apart and with that, the memories with whom I learnt to live, and eventually forget.
There was a time when her ignorance mattered a lot. I would cry, I would shed tears, but to no avail. I would try getting back to her, but then I realised it didn't matter. The more I tried, the more people around would label me as being clingy.
Gradually as work increases, I shifted away, and those heartbreaks didn't matter to me anymore.

I was amazed to see her remember me all of a sudden.

"Baby :*"
She messaged.

I wrote, "Sorry, wrong address I guess." Thinking that most probably it was for some of her ridiculous boyfriends.

"No, I wrote to you." She said.

"Yea, so tell me what can I do for you? :P" I typed, still unsure why would she call me that all of a sudden. Maybe she needed some help.

"I was missing you."

"Okay." I typed back.
I honestly couldn't think of what to type.

"You know, I was going through my fb account, and there they listed you as my sister. I remembered those times."

I was taken aback as to how could she have the heart to judge that feeling.
"Senti Woman" I typed, but somehow I felt her replies to be actually something too sentimental.
She kept on talking to me, and I kept on making it a game for me.

Maybe she had emotions still, maybe after all humans, no matter how rude once, do rethink about their deeds. Maybe they feel the injustice done to one, and how much it might have hurt the others, maybe that is why she wrote to me that day...

But I had moved on.
She came back, and I knew she would come back.
Except that she was too late.

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