The ACFS( ) administers the Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS) professional designation and uses standards established by a 16-member Board of Regents

Being designated a Certified Fraud Specialist validates your education, experience, and skills. It gives you the credentials to help you in a highly competitive job market and, in the eyes of the public, makes you uniquely qualified to handle fraud matters. It can also provide you with the personal satisfaction of knowing your knowledge and skills met, or exceeded, standards set by an accepted national authority.

Responding to member request, the Professional Standards and Admission Committee has created a new Petition for Certification( ) form. The new form contains clearer instructions, guidance on several key issues (e.g. what letters of recommendation should contain), and the new form can be filled out on-line and then printed out on a local printer for signature and mailing.

There are many benefits to obtaining a CFS designation. Not only does it validate your education, experience, and skills, but a CFS designation can give you the credentials to help you be better prepared for a highly competitive job market.

A CFS designation also illustrates the fact that you value professional involvement, maintain an interest in profession-wide concerns, and contribute to the development of the development of the anti-fraud profession as a whole. It can also provide the personal satisfaction of comparing your knowledge and skills to a standard set by accepted national authority.

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