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Few things first. OAT is open air theater of IIT Delhi. I was in fourth year, director and choreographer of Choreography team of IIT Delhi. Story begins...

Waiting outside dean\'s office i thought we r gonna get the permission for OAT today.It has been whole two weeks we hv been trying to get this permission n each day BRCA presy is never at room, though honey managed to trace him two times in the last two weeks, results had been negative on account of dean\'s orders.

Okays, so we two entered dean\'s office and our dean being a friendly guy listened to our plea for the OAT patiently and gave his partial approval for this was no big deal for we were not asking to demolish IIT\'s main building. We thought we are done, totally unaware of the fact dt a demon would apper in a minute and ruin our dream of \'peacefull\' practice. Dean had called the BRCA president and i hv no idea where and what he was doing he reached dean\'s office in no time. His entry into the room ws just like a sodium chunk entering into a glass of water and we all witnessed the adi-fireworks there after. it continued for the next half hour till he was exhausted off his bio medical hazardous waste and his DNA could not support any more harrasement of the two totally innocent kids undergoing nagasaki experience in that closed room.
He started with declaring how much he ws pissed off by us to whom he had given barely 20 mins in the last two weeks. For him we were going to spoil his country. Initially i had no clue what the hell he ws talking abt bt slowly i realised he\'s just frustrated with some family matter. He continued with praising the Gsec, how humble and talented he is and how we were harrassing him for giving refressments for our team. I thought he has also been involved in the lavish parties of the Gsec with marketing team who feels sumthing inserted up his ass when a team which practice hard whole night demands two 5 rupee parantha for each person.
Adi said we are doing it all for money and we are corrupt. I thought he dont kno that last year each diro had given around 10000-15000 for the dresses and the makeup and the bills were never cleared or the cleared bills never reached the poor diros who dont earn themselves and had to compensate from their own monthly expense.
NOW, comming to the point for all this chaos he gave his brilliant well thought argument. WHO will take the risk if somthing happens if there is something like no water at OAT!!!!.......i still hv no clue for this one. Dean ws telling him to clam down all the time bt at this point the perfect word came out of his mouth naturally...n they were: WHAT?????? WATER???..... I had already stopped defending myself like honey, n were feeling the same as if shivsena is blamed for the Iraq war!!! Soon he realised he had said something wiered, he then brought dean\'s attention on how indisciplined we two were who sat quietly on chair listening to all this and making faces that we are least bothered about opinion abt us and we were looking at the dean to save us.
Adi also threatened us that no enty into Rendezvous of our team if we two were the diro\'s. I told myself that they cant send entry even if they want to without us.

Soon dean realised before Adi make more fool of himself we two should go. Finally the application letter ws never signed. We left dean\'s office after some light moments brought in by the dean\'s question over theme and discussion of lifestyle girl\'s pathetic cat walk n DU gals and tickets for robo n anjaana anjaani ,himadri invitation and some more.
Comming out we took a deep breath and decided to celebrate our survival with fireworks of our own kind but honey got a call from his MTP prof. Cancelling the plan of SDA, i got along with other frnds for Jia Sarai, ate lots of samose and jalebi, realising i had not had lunch and breakfast for the sake of practicing late. This reminded me of Adi\'s statement that we lack passion for our work. I said \"screw Adi\" aloud, to turn a few heads, and retrived back to eating the delicious and unhygenic eatables.

There is much more to write on this bt i\'ll hv to end it here as i hv to go for practice.

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