"Any last wish?" The growl prompted,
As he shined his pistol while he sauntered,
single light, vastness limited to ground beneath,
His blood thirst, the red eyes, intentions very neat!

The fumbling of my voice made him smile, so wicked,
The fear, giving him urge, to his idea, stay fixed;
The surrounding was scary; unlike the Caribbean resorts,
It was there, the death had encrypted my desires.

"I would like to grow big on my dreams,
not standing here with screams."
"shut up" was the reply,
"You don't have any reason to live, so don't cry."

I was jolted back, not assuaging his mind's order,
"The only reason would be sufficing my order", he said,
Atrocity at the peril, the reason still untold,
We shared glances, probably this was my last before I drowned.

There was a brisk movement of his hand, with the gun,
placed directly on my forehead, The wall preventing me to run,
The breaths were high in number, sweat 'cascading' down,
The body hovering,in the pool of fear, high above the ground.

He was steady, the muscles so united,
there was no mercy indeed, "Am I really credited?"
I swallowed many times in order to ask, "You are dead!
Your life is at my helms! You have milliseconds left!!"

I couldn't see anything properly, the vision had given up,
"Tell me a reason for taking my life now",
"You have to be resourceful if you want to stay on earth! And you aren't!"
I couldn't speak a word more, I had got the explanation!

He pointed the gun right at my forehead,
The swart smiled for one last time,
The clasp of the gun was perfect, life bought at no dime,
The trigger was slowly being pulled, At the helms of death!

I screamed till my voice chords broke,
The bullet was inches less from the mouth, single stroke!
It was beautiful to see the bullet right in front of my forehead,
Screwing down, penetrated right through my head!

Quite interestingly, I saw the bullet reverse back to its pavilion,
And I was slowly getting back my senses, 'moving into oblivion'
I pushed back and fell, the eyes opened, I heard the fan running,
I heard the snores of my sister, I heard my grandmother sneezing!

Oh yeah! I had woken up, My dream had spoiled my rest,
It was a dream, there was no warehouse, no guns, a dream to detest!
To add to my owes was my alarm clock, One who was screaming,
The smile on my face, The sigh of relief, From the helms of death-
To 'coming back to the travel of Life'!!

Tags: Death, Fun

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