Take care of this, Srijan Sir.

I hate this man on writerbabu, who writes things derogatory and conflicting the norms and the peaceful no-obscene environment here at Writerbabu.
He writes about how "Horny" is he as a man, and how the girl he loved had got "Tits so nice"!
And I see someone even gave a hats off to him!
It's amazing how the write-ups are changingf to mature contents.
Feel free to write anything, of course, the website says "Keep writing... writing is fun" but does that mean all the topics in the world have just vanishes and increasingly all would start focussing on 'Pornography'? Is there no other topic in this whole world?
He himself knows what he wrote wasn't right, as he hid his identity inside a common name of "Anonymous", and yet the criticizing comments are hidden by him, to avoid bringing disgrace!

It's so disgusting. Each day I log in to find at least one or two topics on the mature contents. How do people easily forget that this place, rather this family doesn't only have writers who are at least 18 year olds, but rather we have so many kids, who are aspiring writers too!
Imagine what havoc are you causing to the mindset of these child who reads these things!
Our world is already so full of crimes, and its because of these crazy elements, who in spite of seeing that the number of crimes are increasing each day, won't mind their ways at all.

Not for us, at least think about those 12 year olds who have an account here at Writerbabu.

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