She took the pink bottled lotion out of her bag and as soon as she applied it to her thin hands, it was the fragrance that gave a flash back to her memories_ memories of love and craziness, happiness and peace, memories of the person who means world to him, memories of the only cause of her joy, memories of blossoming love and never ending affection, memories of her innocence. Two years have gone by and she had not used that lotion since after their first meetup. And now it still reminded her of him! It reminded her of his touch, the tenderness in his touch and with the same hands he had used her lotion and how softly he had complained that "its fragrance is good but it leaves his hands dry" and then she had given him other lotion to soften his hands. All the wonderful moments of them "together" were recalled in just those few minutes. And here was when she felt water in her eyes, and the tears started to rush through her mascara applied eyelashes, wetting her cheeks and ending to the lips leaving salty taste.

She was just ready to leave for the office, but it didnot bother her anymore because even those tears were being shed in his name! in the name of her only love. All she wanted was to rush to that person, hug him tighlty and cry her heart out. She wanted to tell him how perfectly she has remembered his every single move, how patiently she has waited on him, how she has been passing time uptil now just by loving the memory of him! She wanted to tell him how badly she misses him, how passionately she loves him, and how much she still can stand just to be with him! But his attitude has crushed her courage and betrayed her patience, no matter how much she cries now, or explains him, her condition; he was changed into a careless person now. Thinking of this squeezed her heart, and her mind was already going out of order. She could do nothing but cry. It was just the beginning of the day, she knew how every thing that happens in a day was related to him, and how she has to fight her tears at every thing that reminds her of him. 

She put back the lotion bottle into her bag and smelled her hands, and smiled as if it made her happy that he had approved of the sweet fragrance. 

Tags: Love, Memories, Pain

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