The luxury of dumping belongs to a girl only. That's sexual freedom for her. And what if boy does so? Well, it will become "rape". Welcome to the unequal and unjust world of feminism, where women are given the freedom to practice their whims and doing so they are applauded as free/independent/empowered and if men do the same they become rapists!

Few months back TOI published a report that most “rapes” are actually revenge to a sour relationship, though the sex had been with consent! Or that in most "rapes" the boy had dumped the girl with the violated promise of marriage. However the same crime is not seen as "rape" when the victim is a boy.

The problem with such a system is that, girl despite being easy can play victim and get married to a righteous boy, even though when in reality she had sex with consent and was never raped. In reality she is a slut.

Media prevents justice by showing such girls as victims and hiding their identity. However, the justice in such cases lies in exposing the girls, revealing their identity so that righteous people may not end up getting married with such girls. Similarly easy boys too, who are involved in illegal sex need to be exposed so that no righteous girl ends up in marrying them. Because the uncovering of such easy partners later in life will tear the family apart. Easy boys should marry easy girls. Righteous girls/boys should be meant only for righteous boys/girls.

Allah says in Quran: The adulterer is only [fit] to marry an adulteress or an idolatress, and the adulteress is only [fit] to marry an adulterer or an idolater, such behavior is forbidden to believers~~Quran [24:3]

Islam is absolutely right in publicly flogging such couples. Even if couples have sex with consent, why don’t they first marry? This clearly means that the boy has the intention of use and throw because it takes a man to take the responsibility of a woman, to make her partner in his wealth. On the girls part it shows, how she has been an easy and a desperate woman. A secret slut.

The real rapes are only that of children and old feeble women. Rest all is a prostitute’s anger.

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