Today I decided to break my routine. It came as a surprise that all I needed to do was cook up some grits. After that the first half of my daily routine transformed itself.

First I spent a lot of time with my son. We wrestled, danced, hugged, and fetched dinosaurs. Just before his nap I experimented with manifestation. I joked about manifesting a train. Then a commercial came on after about two minutes and there it was! Snuck in the background of lilts driftwood bay preview. Next I tried manifesting a butterfly. Luna came on and it was about drawings in the sky. Constellations. As I watched I continued searching for the butterfly for 10 minutes. No go. Then my son ran to the window pointing outside after picking up his buddy dinosaur. I laughed and picked him up to take him for a nap. Bam! Outside butterfly flew gently with the wind. That was crazy! I smiled and took him in for a nap.

Next my thoughts scrambled about. Trying to connect the dots which was Luna's theme for the episode. Then it hit me.
Could technology be an actual representation of the brain?
Then I went further. Is our world a representation of our body?

After some difficult persuasion I decided to walk and then run out in nature. If this is our body we might as well get in tune with it right?

Afterward I was beat. Before I walked I did the cycle indoors for 30min. While walking I observed the environment around me. I cancelled all thoughts that were meaningless to me. During the run I saw my spirit busting through the barriers surrounding my bodies architecture. Similar to volcanoes. It made sense actually. I felt the trees in my yard and the stones that lay quietly for someone to notice them. I swear I could feel there energy. After the run/walk I found myself taking pictures of all kinds of natures art that lives organically around us. It surrounds us without us taking as much as a glance at it. Some of us anyway.

Then I started writing this. What you are reading. While a butterfly flew past my shoulder. Maybe it's simple. We have to let God play with our spirit to understand the depth of Gods love.

What do you think?

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