You broke me
But people say me that you are my dream girl
Why will you be my dream girl.
I loved you and wanted you to accept me
But you denied me . My love was this.
It does not mean that you are my dream girl.
I loved you . I still love you. Want you to be always happy.
However now i have nothing for you except a pain or your memories .
I love this new girl in my class
She looks cool
I think i can love her
She loves me also
She might have a boyfriend
She is like you .
Lets try a new try.

Hope she is not feminist like you because i hate feminist. They keep raising .

I know i am lichad dude but whatever this is me .
See you hurt me but i am like magic which again survive and ready to die for you.

Do you know girl why i loved you because i chose those girls who will anyways run from me because i am dangerous. Second i love those who have a boyfriend because its easy to abscond them. Hopefully she also has a boyfriend.

Tags: Love, ROMANCE

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