Someone told yes its true to go back in childhood,
No worries of this relationship,
Yes i agree with you,
But now i see the reality after i dealt with it,

An oath and a promise to myself,
that never love and never feel for these girls,
because they are for many,
and i am there for pain,

Slavery and love is similar for me,
Because she made me do what every slave can do for her,
Why i still believe that she is faithful,
No no she is not ,
she was never meant for me,
Deal with it or die with it
But trust me you are kid and be a kid
Never love again
Love only this kid because he is cool,
He never wanted to love because he knew betrayal always will be poured in his heart,
I am going there to become the same kid
Yes the same kid and fuck this relationship where one enjoys and other make promises
fuck you

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