which one would u like to compare? the movies or the characters.....i mean the C Nolan trilogy vs the Tobey Maguire series or the comic characters..well, you dont land a real choice as I have hardly read any of the DC comics or the marvel comics characters.....so the movies it shall be..

I once had a talk with one of my seniors from college, back in 2008 when the dark knight had just released. he was a big fan of batman and I liked the spiderman more. he told me that he liked batman more coz he thought he was more real..and had issues like a normal human would..he thought he had the grey shades in life.....of-course I argued in favor of spidey more because I had only seen his flicks back then (yes I dint see BM begins)..and tobey maguire had done a fine job in the 3 installments of the franchise..
But less than 5 years later, or even before that, the balance has shifted in favor of the nolan led team. to boot, the cast is awesome. Can you imagine anybody else than Christian Bale playing the role of Bruce Wayne better? and michael caine is awesome as alfred either. even the cop and the scientist fit the bill nicely. Add to it the impeccable histrionics Nolan can muster in his work. it becomes a compelling narrative. Then of-course there are the bad guys like Joker and Bane, the former played better through the screenplay by the now legendary joker aka heath leger..and the background score just grips you..its gone better with every new movie..
and of-course, the fact that Bruce Wayne finally gets to spend some peaceful time with his new found love does not go as bad either..

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