There are moments in your life when you stand in front of the truth. At that time, you have no option than to just accept it and move on. The last one month has been something similar for me. Though, in my case, it's difficult to move on.

Firstly, I had an argument with my parents regarding marriage. To give you a background, I don't want to marry because of some personal reasons. Whereas, they want me to marry, and consider this as s duty. I understand that they are not aware of the reason of why I don't want to marry. I am afraid that if I share the reason with them, they will be sad and devastated. Just with a fear of losing them, forever, I am hiding the reason from them. However, they were forcing. During that argument, some things came out which further worsened the situation.

Secondly, I am trying to locate myself in other people's life. These people are those who hold some importance in my life. After what happened with my parents, I analyzed my entire life and realised that I wasn't living my life the way I wanted to. In fact, I was living a life which was totally guided by my parents. I am trying to break free from that and fly up in the sky; which trust me is not that easy as it's said.

Thirdly, when I realised that I don't have any like-minded people around me. There are people surrounding only for a reason. There are people who say good things but when it comes to action, they back out. They say that I am a good person to be with but when I actually expect them to meet me, they vanish.

These harsh realities are pain to take in. At this point of life, I feel that I am in a different location altogether. I have a suggestion to everyone out there; just because a person talk with you or hangs out with doesn't mean that he/she will be there with you when you actually need them. They may back out from your life at any given point of time. In today's world, you need not share all your information with people around you. You never know when they will turn your life upside down. Have faith in yourself and just be your own friend. Friendship, in today's world, comes with lots of conditions.

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