Its so easy nowadays to get bored from our monotonous life. Although we know we are connected to people(we don't care about) 24*7 through social media but still deep into our heart we are loners.
I get bored easily and i know there are millions of people like me who must be somehow frustrated by their jobs, relatives, girlfriend(if u'r lucky to have one.
Although i'm lucky to have a job where it's easy to take a day off or two and sometimes a week ...almost every month. For the past few years i have been to many places in North India and suddenly i realized that its true...."Nature is a man's best friend".

Recently i was on a trip to Rishikesh. We did camping and Rafting there and it was my 3rd visit in the last four years.Just the site of Ganges surrounding by mountains was so refreshing that you'll forget everything.
Imagine yourself on a rock near the riverside at 6 am in the morning, cool breeze along with splashes of water from Ganges and you'll realize that there couldn't be anything more beautiful. Not even a single negative thought will come into your mind....for sometime you'll forget your every problem. You'll find the nature your best friend who'll listen to your mind, your heart.....without even asking for any favor, it'll absorb all your negative thoughts and you'll feel like a King who has just conquered the world.
My career is not going in a right direction and i'm surrounded by numerous problems but still i have made a note to travel as many places as i can in my life. Travelling gives me inner peace.

I always believe in this line ...."Life is a journey, Explore it".

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