Eyes being the window to the world, it becomes important for everybody to take care of it. Why let those windows blur or close down when you keep them open with all the clarity required. Now you must be wondering what issues can eyes have! Well they do and it can be blurred vision problem or an increase in pressure problem. The increase in pressure is called as Glaucoma in medical terms. It is a medical condition where the eye has to go through an increase in pressure and that leads to pain. Another cosmetic problem that a human eye can go through is less and not so visible eyelashes. This is a problem seen mostly in ladies since they are more conscious about such stuff. To treat all this there has been a great invention in the pharmaceutical industry and it is called as Bimatoprost.

Bimatoprost is a drug that was made for the treatment of Glauocma and also to treat eyelash problem. It has been found out through many studies that Bimatoprost has been successful in helping many people all across the globe with their respective eye problem. When you apply this particular drug, your eyelashes will grow and they also become thicker in density. In fact the length of the eyelash will also increase. As far as Glaucoma is considered, this drug works by decreasing the pressure in the eye. And this is done by increasing the amount of fluids that a normal eye requires. The application will differ for both the problems. If using it for cosmetic purpose the drops should be put on the eyelids whereas if using for Glaucoma then the drops should be right into the eye.

Dosage of this drug also makes a big difference to the expected results. The dosage of Bimatoprost should be decided by your health care provider who will be the best guide throughout your treatment. Usually only a drop is suggested and recommended. If there is any excess drops outside the eye, then wipe it off immediately. Do not ever apply this drop to your bottom eyelid. Do not use too many drops on your eyes thinking that it will give quicker results. Use it as directed and have patience. The results will be seen only after a couple of weeks. That is the nature of this drug and you have to deal with it. Bimatoprost will surely not disappoint you.

All you have to do is be wise and stick to your prescription and the guidelines given, there may be some side effects but they are minor and can be treated if given timely and proper medical attention and supervision. The side effects can be dry eyes, a blurred vision and unusual darkness in eyelashes. If you happen to experience any of these symptoms, then be sure that they are because of Bimatoprost and get immediate attention to it. Because this drug is an approved one, you do not really have to worry about its safety.
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