Why do I write?

Big question it is! It lays among the certain stuff that you seriously don't know how to reason.
Simply because, I like it. But, is it all? Nay.

• I write because it is the only way my heart is able to let out what lays inside. I am very very poor at expressions when it comes to speaking. Often, I find myself incapable of explaining what actually is the feeling that I hold inside. When I write my heart opens up, and starts flowing on along with the ink and hence, every thing that remains concealed inside is let out.

• I write because, when I do, I find myself drifting to another world altogether. It is like practicing a passion. It doesn't matter what I am writing. It just has to be English. It might be my weekly horoscope, my class notes or a simple diary entry- I love to remain fused in words, to correct and modify the sentences everywhere, to find out more than one meanings of any text.

• Writing is an art and I am an artist at heart, if not at living. The work of art is indeed my life. Doesn't matter what good you do to me, to please me deep, you just have to leave me with my sheet and pen, in peace. Whatever one may write - if self-made - by the end of the writing, one would have created something. And to create is not everyone's job. There is an altogether different feeling when you create something. "It belongs to me!"
How you may wonder all the authors mind their quotes being used without their names tagged in!

I write because of all the things I've done in my life, nothing compares to jotting my heart down. I wanna write for living someday cause, I know, I'll be a master of my own world then. I write because, I can influence ages if I put down my notions in an apt manner.
To imagine that someone, ages hence, would be sitting on a desolate couch holding a book that houses my words drifting away to my world, seeing everything in my way, is what absolute pleasure is.
And to write is to say it all with your pen. To bleed your soul with ink.
And I write because, I speak with ink.

"Not for those who'd like to read;
Not for your adversity or need.
I write for my heart, for my own cause;
My pen is my master indeed."
-Kn ;)

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