Bong filled liquid in a drum
Guzzling fizzling everybody come.

Not made by mixing any fruit, but for days,
in a humungous barrel brewed.

Drink with jest sip and slurrp...people don't be shy
boys-girls 18 plus enter, others get lost, say goodbye.

Brutish boys come and drink
with couple will get discount
Put the pipe of beer in mouth
don't you dare, let it dismount.

Brown tangy liquid flows from bong through pipes
chatty naughty cute, all girls compete and drink with style
Jumping along with their friends, hands-up young and adults,
playing beer bong drinking game, seeming lively and agile

Beer or rum , none dare naysay
in liters it is flowing
Some madly drunk, some drink just for fun
all tipsy all-around roaming.

Tags: Fun, Beer, Party, Laugh, Friends

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