So far men have travelled
Yet so much left to unravel
But, today is a day of celebration
Because you have come a year closer to cremation
Through each summer, rainy, winter and spring we pass
To learn throught life’s class
That the spring of our youth shall never last
One day will come when we will be past
This day of celebration
For we shall realise
Will bring us very close to cremation

Fear not Oh! Little rose
For you shall not be flooded away by the hose
That waters you
Because in every spring at its bloom
Has the infinite power to take away gloom
Just like the moonlight soft and gay
And as the spring blossoms in may
Live life to the fullest on this day
For you shall forever

Come a year closer to cremation

This life is itself the sweetest
Just like the gentle summers tempest
And all that happiness you can get in this life here
Is just like no other brother
For in the company of your loved ones
You shall see the heaven’s
But alas!!
All that is good or bad
Shall have an end, and that is so very sad
But still the anguish of many
Is not felt by us sonny
But on a very special day every year
We complete a revolution around the sun
And that my son
Brings us a year closer to our cremation

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