It’s soothing in its own magical way

The thunder, the lightning and,

The sky taken over by clouds raging

That scares most away

The thumping window panes

The unbolted doors banging

The trees swinging through the wind

And then the raindrops start adding to the music

I like it all in open air

As if my shattered self is exposing

Performing an unusual catharsis

While the nature is rejoicing

As I am relieving and reconnecting

Seeking warmth in a cold stormy night

Awaiting a savior among the pack of wolves

Oh yes, that’s frightening, but I am not

I recall all the beliefs I am holding on

Secretly doubting their truth

The savior is just another of my reflections

The thoughts go on and on

While I begin finding peace in chaos

And a connection in destruction

That’s insane me, behind my sanity

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