Music, party poppers, dance and a crowd of hundreds of people in front of you, hailing, cheering, enjoying, clapping, all for you. You are on top of the world, into the blank space with nothing on mind. You were taken by surprise, honoured, praised, appreciated for the thing you were able to do and others could not. Smiling faces and admiring eyes of the associates, shining in the neatly tucked white shirts into formal pants, polished shoes and sparkling business ties, embellishing the attire, fixed upon you. You are their hero for the time. Before you realize, what just happened, you are handed over the mike.

You come a bit into the senses, speak something you remember out of nowhere, and then, the tear ducts get activated. Overflow of emotions still could not cross the very eyes of yours and you sign off (remember, you have lost your ability to cry). Your team is called upon the stage, the whole of dream riders, a gift in your hands by your mentors, and then again you are lost into the thoughts.

In the back of your mind, you picture yourself with nothing in your hands. Once upon a time, you were standing like others, clapping for someone, cheering for their achievements. You had never thought at that time that it is really possible for you to reach the stage, and that too not just with a tag, but reaching the top 41 people of the country out of the 10 lakh people aspiring to reach there. It has not been easy for you. Time tests you every time.But once, one of your mentors had said,

“The more problems you face, the more successful you become.”

You had carved this line on the walls of your mind. Facing lack of money, lack of time, lack of shoulder to put your head when down, falling of groups, and finally reaching the threshold. But people helped you, people who want you to grow and reach heights. With their help and guidance, your name came first time and atleast once into the elite list of highest earners.

Very less people know the actual reason for this fire inside you. It is because of one single person, who threw you out of life, never to get it, as if you were a piece of feeling less flesh, drained blood. You were hurt, broken, thought this is the end, you were fading away. But then a leftover spark grew stronger and the fire thrived on you to make you stronger, harder and fluidic in life.

So today you feel like thanking that person for teaching you the lesson of life. You will always remember it. But this is not where you will rest. This is just a start, as you always say, only 1% done, 99% still to be done. A big door opens in front of you, through which you will reach the red carpet with people calling your name and you will go right in front of that face. You were rejected too.

And the one who forgets, will be destined to remember…

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