A 13 year old girl named Lucy had just hit puberty. It wasn't that she wasn't aware of the changes she would notice from now on but yet she hated being on her 'period' for the first few months in the beginning. Playing football and riding bicycles had suddenly become difficult during those 5 days.
She never thought she would ever love but everytime she did, she was only rejected. It was obvious, who would date a 14 year old flat chested girl? There was nothing more that she wanted than to look pretty and attractive. As she grew older, so did her desire to become attractive. In the advent of computers, she was exposed to porn, google and sex and the city. She had decided that one day she will become Samantha (the 'Sex and the city' character who was hot, attractive and horney all the time)
Lucy didn't care about her size and started to read more about sex and started watching porn everyday. She had learned alot. The only fear the then 15 year old had, was becoming pregnant (every girl's nightmare). She kept herself from experimenting with men who she didn't trust. It was a sensible decision (unlike Samantha). She waited, screened men and started hooking up. With every man, the experience was different and she learned and opened up to new possibilities.
At the age of 17, she had achieved her goal. She was another Samantha (with principles). She never did two guys in a day or a week. She did strangers but never looked back at them. She never waited for breakfast and never gave any guy false hope. She liked beasty men coz gentle ones would make her fall for them. A friend was never a toy and never a lover. She had learned how to detach emotion from sex. To such an extent that she had stopped feeling any emotions.
Her relationships were nothing but a disguise. She was weak inside, afraid to love or to be loved. Afraid of losing control. Sex had become the only reason she would sleep next to a Man. There was no hope for love. Love was painful and stressful for her. She had constructed a stronger Woman but a weaker lover. She treated men the way they treat women- like objects. Becoming so blind that she had started hurting the gentle guys. She could not limit her extremes and soon realised that she felt like a robot, a rock, a thing. She always said ' A woman can do anything a man can do' and that woman had proved it.
It was true that every guy wanted to make love to her. She could control men like no other woman could have. While men enjoyed her company, women questioned her ways- often calling her a slut. They couldn't figure out how an average looking woman was able to control men that easily. But it wasn't her body, it wasn't her face, it was HER. The person she was, the conviction in her eyes and her mystified words distinguished her from other women. She was bold, direct and blunt. Dominating as Hitler and caring as Teresa. She wasn't a women with ordinary patterns. But she sure was a woman of her words..

She could make a man do anything. Yes, absolutely Anything! No woman could be her and she could not be anyone but SAMANTHA.

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