The Sun comes up,clock tick tocks to 8.

Gotta drag my ass up or ill be late.

I slowly drag my ass and get ready for the drain.

This is lil something for beloved local train.

Im gonna recite a common man's daily pain.

It aint a kid's task to travel in a local train.

Clock is at half past 8,borivali station beckons.

What would be the crowd in the train,a person cant reckon.

If you travelling in trains,buy shoes worth 200 bucks.

Dump Redtape and Lee cooper in the garbage truck.

Once you will struggle and get in,but the story doesnt end.

People will be clamping on your feet,as its a habit which cant be bend.

Crowd keeps getting in,I wonder whats their self belief.

Hanging on handles like Jesus,thinkin Goregaon will bring some relief.

Some people get in the train,and some do alight.

Sweaty,Pissed,Frustated all ready to start a fight.

After some time comes Andheri,A little crowd is gone.

That gives you a freedom to move your fingers a lil along.

Nothing much changes as the train reaches bandra station.

Lil get down,more get in,showing perfect co ordination.

Reaching Dadar it is completely different state.

People make it crowded again,who want to go to churchgate.

The thing which is constant,is the slang from the mass.

In english if 1st class,in Marathi if 2nd class.

You find the train very spacious,with very less people aboard.

That is the situation from Bombay central to Charni road.

The war started at borivali,finally ends at Churchgate.

Even after all this struggle,you reach your office late.

I think back to the moment,i dragged my ass,got ready for the drain.

This was lil something for beloved local train.

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