Best friends we were,
Smiled as we Promised 'Forever'.

As time went on,
A new person in me , was born.

Somehow, my world revolved around You,
I thought you liked me too.

Never realized, I was a mere friend , when you were so much more ,
Once again , apart I was Torn.

I hid the tear and Smiled ,
For You, every day I Died.

The pain I inflicted upon myself ,
In my quest to love you selfless.

How much more , you think , i can take ?
My soul is at stake.

I push you away,
You say , You're hurt , but That's okay.

I'm not strong enough to bear the pain ,
It won't change, even if you look at me with disdain.

Best friends we were,
I don't want it any more.

'Forever' we said,
Never knew 'forever' , this soon , would be on it's death bed.!

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