I eagerly waited for her at the entrance of the mall in Mumbai,so much away from where we had first met. We were about to meet after thirteen years! Time flew,but we still remained best friends. Contacts lost, contacts made.
A hundred questions running in my mind.!
Would I recognize her? Would she me? Will I have to introduce myself? Can I talk to her like I talk to my other friends?
Uff!! Shopping was what I loved, but today,I could not make up my mind on anything.
As she cleared the security check and called me. I recognized her instantly, and she me! Wow! We were best friends for a reason.

We made up as much as possible within the three hours we got to spend together,during the lunch. Words flowed less, but we understood more. We spoke less and listened more. All my hundred questions vanished in a fleeting second.
All her problems became mine and mine her's. We laughed at silly jokes and recollected our times together.

The last time we were parted, there was disappointment and tears.
But this time there was joy and hope of meeting again.
For, we were destined to be together forever, thirteen years and our friendship was as mighty and respected as the Great China Wall!
Love you Pooja!

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