December 2012, Mumbai

“What can you do for me?” asked Suhaani as she was lying next to Abhishek on his bed, barely covering herself under the covers.
“Anything you say” replied Abhishek as he ran down his finger through her neck
“Are you sure”
“Yes, my love”
“Then leave your wife. And we’ll live together forever”
“Suhaani, you know that’s not possible”
“Why? Why not? I am only to fulfil your physical needs? That every alternate day you can come and sleep with me”
“You know that’s not true, Suhaani” he said as he got out of the bed to dress himself back
“I’m tired of your excuses. Do you want to continue this relationship or not?” asked Suhaani as she removed the covers to expose her bare body to him
“Oh baby. You know I want you” Abhishek bounced back on the bed. They fucked, yet again.
After they were done, Abhishek told Suhaani that he’ll talk to his wife about it and reveal the truth to her.

Let me take back you to the time when and how all this started. Rewind 6 months.

June 2012, Mumbai Airport

Suhaani and Abhishek met on a flight to Hyderbad from Mumbai, via Delhi. Both being co-passengers naturally started talking to each other and soon became friendly.
Suhaani, 23, was a young, aspiring and an ambitious girl, aiming to reach at the top, and make quick money, not to forget, possessing a hot body and the tactics to use it at the right place.
“Hi, I’m Suhaani. Are you going to Hyderabad” asked Suhaani while they were waiting for the flight at the airport
“Hey, yeah. How do you know?” Abhishek replied in a stunned tone
“aahh! I just noticed your ticket. We have adjacent seats” replied Suhaani in a confident tone, smirking.
“I must say, you are quite observant. BTW, I’m Abhishek” he smiled as he introduced himself
“I know. I just read your ticket, right” Suhaani smiled, this time with a pleasing smile
“So, why Hyderabad?” Abhishek asked casually
“I have a job interview there, ACL Consultancy”
“No shit! Ditto”
“Yes, of course”
“That’s a major co-incidence then”
“I know, right?” Abhishek was really stunned and somewhere excited too.

Suhaani had her own way to attract people, thru her talks, her attitude, her personality, which only a few people possess, and she knew she was sexy and men were attracted to her.
At the security check, abhishek happened to be after Suhaani, and had all the chance to notice (read: scan) her. He looked her from top to bottom. She was wearing grey formal coat and short skirt with black stilettos. She indeed looked sexy. Her tight fitted suit and sexy in-shape back (bum) indeed turn him on.
While on the seat, they sat together, and talked through the 3-hour flight and became aware of the where-about(s) of each other.

“Oh no, you’re married?” Suhaani laughed really hard on this one.
“Yes. How come that makes you laugh?” Abhishek was annoyed now
“No, I mean. I’m sorry. Don’t be offended.” Suhaani clarified
“Then?” Abhishek, still annoyed, now desperately wanted to know
“You are so young, and sexy with a great physique, just like an eligible bachelor”
“I’m 28, and I love my wife that’s why I married her” Abhishake now sat on his seat relaxing his back
“No doubt about it, sir! But had you been single I would definitely had an affair with you” Suhaani laughed again. but Abhishek kept looking at her. Like it was something he wanted to hear from her.
“You can still have an affair with me” Abhishek said seriously with a straight face
“I’m sorry?”
He then laughed really hard. And Suhaani was left speechless this time
“Yayayayaya” Suhaani gave ‘I don’t give a damn’ kind of expressions

But Abhishek did take that seriously. He was attracted to her. But not as much as to sleep with her.
“So let’s go together. We’ll rent a car to commute. Taxi would be too expensive” Suhaani presented the offer to Abhishek
“Cool for me” Abhishek replied casually
They hired an esteem and reached their destination in an hour
They both got rejected and were heading back to the airport as it for time for their flight back to Delhi.

“What time is your flight?” inquired Abhishek
“9:30. What about you?”
“Mine is at 8”
“it’s only 5:30. What are you gonna do going back this early?”
Abhishek was convinced she was giving hints to him but he wasn’t sure. He still wanted to confirm what was on her mind
“What do you wanna do?” asked Abhishek
“Let’s just talk. I like talking to you”
“Well. It’s been great spending the entire day with you. Let’s hope to meet up regularly in Bombay too”
“Only if your wife doesn’t have an issue” Suhaani joked about it again
“Actually, I won’t tell her” he winked
Suhaani laughed but abhisked didn’t.
“Is there a problem?” Suhaani inquired
“I don’t know things aren’t going too well between us. We are on the verge of divorce”
“Oh! My god! That’s so sad” Suhaani tried to console him and slowly started patting his back
“I’m tired of it. I’m just losing it. I don’t think I can do it anymore with her”
“Don’t worry, Abhishek, time will turn things around and everything will be fine. Don’t lose hope.”
He thanked her as put his hand upon hers. Both smiled, looking at each other.

As they were driving back to the airport, it started raining heavily. Suhaani asked him to stop the car, it was some lonely road, with no roads or shops, and quickly moved out to enjoy the rain, she was all wet within 2 minutes. Abhishek kept admiring her as he looked out of the car. He removed his coat and moved out too. He opened his arms and stood with his face looking up at the sky, enjoying the intense rain drops quickly touching his face almost slapping him! But he was enjoying it.

He noticed Suhaani and walked towards her. She was leaning on the left side of the car, without her jacket. He noticed her semi transparent white shirt which was all wet by now, giving a view of her black padded bra which intensified the shape of her chest and her shirt sticking to her slim waist with light breeze along with the rain. He could feel his heart beating fast. His mind only wanted her right now. All he could imagine was her in his arms and him inside of her.
He quickly proceeded towards her and without wasting a second, he kissed her. He didn’t give her time to realize what was going to happen, he stood in front of her, she looked at him, and as he looked at her juicy pink lips he grabbed her waist and at the same time kissed her. Suhaani resisted at first, but he didn’t let go and went on kissing her continuously. He noticed her hands running up his back, gently moving up and down in movement. Abhishek held her tightly and his hands ran down to her ass. She quickly pushed him away. Abhishek came to senses, realizing what had happened, he covered half his face with his one hand and turned around. As he again turned to her to say something, she put a finger on his lips and the same finger she put on her lips and kissed it.

“I want you, Abhishek. I want you inside me”
“I’m married, Suhaani”
“Fuck me. Right now” with a wild passion in her eyes she pulled him closer to her

Both breathing heavily, Abhishek again kissed her, this time with madness in his eyes. She started unbuttoning his shirt while his hands ran down her shirt, from her shoulder, touching her chest and then her waist. They both stopped kissing, still breathing heavily, looked into each others’ eyes. He mounted her on the bonnet of the car. She started unbuttoning his pants as he spread her legs apart. It was still raining. With an open shirt and legs spread apart, Abhishek kissed her on the neck, she moaned, as he moved down to kiss her breast and put his hands inside her bra, she moaned a little louder and wrapped her arms around him and bit his ear. She opened his shirt and kissed his chest. Abhishek lost all control; he spread her legs a little more and finally entered her. She moaned and leaned in a little with the support of her arms on the bonnet. They kept going continuously for 15 minutes, under the rain, on a deserted road. She wrapped her legs around his back as he just climaxed. He kissed her again. and fucked her, again.

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