Part 1:

June 2012, Mumbai

As Abhishek returned home in Bombay, after his interview in Hyderabad, he remembered what had happened with Suhaani and couldn’t believe that he cheated on his loving wife. His beautiful wife’s face flashed in front of his eyes and he couldn’t get over the fact of what happened in Hyderabad.
He ranged his doorbell and waited for his wife, Smita to open the door meanwhile thinking of Suhaani.

“Hey! How are you?”

Smita opened the door and kissed Abhishek on his cheek

“Hi .. I’m okay. Just tired. How are you?”

He went on, not acknowledging her kiss

“What happened with the job? How was the interview?”

“They didn’t select me”

Abhishek said as sat down on the sofa and loosened his tie and then started to remove his shoes

“That’s okay, jaan. Hyderabad wouldn’t have been convenient for us”

“Hmm. You’re right”

“Now cheer up. I have prepared you favourite meal today. And dessert too!”

Smita said while going to the kitchen to bring water and snacks for him

“I missed you” she said as she handed over the glass to him

Abhishek just passed a smile casually

Not getting the job didn’t affect him. Suhaani’s incident did. He cheated on his wife. How could any wife be okay with it; he thought

“You go and take a shower, I’ll prepare lunch for you meanwhile” Smita offered

“Yes, you’re right. I’ll be back”

Smita smiled looking at him. Abhishek didn’t.

He went in his room, and started to unpack his bag. In that he noticed the shirt he was wearing last evening, took out and images of the evening flashed in front of him. He started to mesmerize the moment. He imagined Suhaani in his arms. He immediately came back to senses and threw the shirt away and went inside the bathroom.

As he came back, he checked his phone, opened his contacts and thought of dialling Suhaani’s number, but couldn’t.

He went out and had lunch, talked about general stuff and went out to have a smoke.

Should I tell everything to Smita? Will she accept it? She’ll leave me. But that’s what I want from quite some time! No! How can I do that to her? What will I do without her? But how can I forget what happened in Hyderabad? What will happen to that? Will I ever be able to forget Suhaani?

Such thoughts came into his mind. I think I should talk to Suhaani. I will call her. I should!

At night he couldn’t sleep properly because of this. He was tensed and Suhaani was on his mind all the time. he couldn’t leave that thought. He wanted to be with Suhaani.

I’ll call her next morning, he thought as he watched his wife sleeping peacefully.
He was restless enough to not wait till morning, he checked his phone, it was 3 in the morning.

Is it the right time? She must have slept

But he ignored every other question and went in the balcony to call her up.
Bell rang but she didn’t pick up the phone.

Shit! She must be sleeping! She would think what a despo I am to call at this time

But within a minute, his phone rang.

Suhaani calling it read.

His hands started shaking and his heart was beating really fast. And he finally pressed the green button on the left.

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