That hour finally knocks the door
when the alarm clock strikes four
"Wake up lass, for the final day,
Get ready to start on a new way...
to be out of that safety wall
which forever protected you standing so tall-
itself bearing the adversities, and hurdles,
of rays of might and brutal rainfall.
It's your time now to evolve out of the shell
to step into the brutality of hell,
or bed of flowers blossoming in heaven,
all luck- hiding in vain.
It's finally time to bid goodbye,
to the comfy days you were used to spend,
all the while.
It's time to embrace all friends and foes,
to love, live; not at all to dose."
"For no one knows, after how long a time,
will you be able to see 'em again..
together, singing, dancing, reciting silly rhyme..
Not sure even whether it'd happen or not,
Whether friends of now are forever or not!
Not sure whether they be seen,
so busy with life, they might wipe all memories clean..."
"Those heavy books and grumpy Miss',
are old comrades, you're sure to miss.
Today's not the day to shout "Yippee!
It's another day b'ful." and jump in glee...
Today's not the day to snooze and sleep,
You should embrace, remember and weep.."
"For years we spent all the while with what,
gets snatched away
within a day..
And all you return is with only memories old,
bereft of joy, bereft of friends
You slowly walk towards your home."

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