We were happy as friends in inter and used to study rigorously for EAMCET .Soon we got our CREDIBLE ranks and luckily got into same Engineering college.And guess what we got in same Branch and wildly we were in same Section too.Now we are in a same bench too.Nature gives you what is good for u.Four years of life passed by in engineering and it doesn't seem like that way.I got the first job at starting of semester.My friend didn't take that one seriously but was with me till evening for results(was accidental,but reliable).Now many,means three literally so called bulk recruiting companies came and went but he can't get into them.I was with him at the results of these three,and he was heartbroken but was congratulating others.The pain of heart is very hard to withstand and Easy to understand but others have a Opaque Behaviour. Next day,another company came and he got into this one.Now,yesterday only ,one big company came and he was selected for final round and results were travelling in slow motion and we had to wait till 9 at night.I then asked him,if he had waited for me if it took so long during my results.and he said "GANTA,KAUN roktha"(who stays).and I thought for a while and laughed ,ki SAALA HAR EK FRIEND KAMEENA HOOTA HAI.He got that job and I got his gift a PENDRIVE which company gave him.

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