Ooof another year! birthday today,

Isn't it nice? But why do I feel I'm still waiting

in along queue, taking a step at a time (after one year)?

It seems something just moved in front and I moved another step.

Is there long time to go?

Suddenly I feel, "Why am I in this queue for so long

- the whole one year standing to take another step?"

They say its life, where has been 'Life'?

I've been in the queue so long, (sighs),
Don't know suddenly someone may come and say...

You have to stop and leave the queue now...

But for the time being...its the rule, a pattern to follow,

Set your trend but still it is in your belief only!.. you are

back in the queue every times!

A comfort - I just saw on my both sides blurred queues of others waiting...

What? Others in a queues?


Anyway happy birthday to me!

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