Who is your best pal?
to whom you are emotionally attached?
whosoever it be, but it wont be their for long
I am not giving negative picture or negative vibes to you but here is the BITTER TRUTH OF LIFE which is hard to digest

None of your closest friend will be yours forevar, he/ she will be there till his/her purpose is fulfilled, no its reality check.

If not then try to remember your gud old college friends to whom you are not in contact, your school mates, your past relations with whom you almost shared your secrets, your dreams...... ITS all gone

Nothing is stagnant, try to learn from past experiences, dont be afraid of saying truth in front of your friends, holding back or sulking will let you in depression. I have been the foolest person i think, have always gave my best in freindship but the end result always turned to be negative!!!

AT this point of time when i am writing this page i am recalling my freinds i have earned n guess what I AM EMPTY HANDED!!! ReCALL YOUR GUD FREINDS YOU HAVE EARNED EXCEPT FOR YOUR HUSBAND/WIFE...

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