"OM" ,the universe erupted spitting comets. It expanded gobbling in the darkness by creating its own stars and black holes. some stars were singing brightly, while others fainted in silence. the whole universe reflected an abstract painting. death and birth of cosmos were simultaneous. Among those flickering dots was the sun spinning and sweating fire. His core was burning with anger. After all, he was separated from his fellow stars. He was lonely in the alone universe. He had eight spheres revolving around him. He hated them for the reason that they are revolving around him just for warmth and light. He hated their selfishness. He never cared about them. He rotated about his static axis in search of love. He needed someone who can understand feelings, reflect his thoughts, realize the purpose of his life. his atmosphere reverberated with desperation. and one day..he saw the answer which he have been seeking for restlessly. he saw her..he saw her beauty. he heard her voice. and his pain melted in her blues.
On the third sphere was she situated spreading her blue beauty. The graceful curves she made while flowing warmed the heart of the sun. His core burnt, but with love...
..she felt the warm kiss which left a cute tickle on her feet. the sea startled. for the first time, she felt the flow of life inside her watery body. She never had those waves which are rising from her heart now. she extended her waves on to the shore joyfully. she never knew the cause of her birth. She was just a lifeless body till that kiss. she flew over to see him. He was tiny and shiny. But had an invisible and invincible power to attract which invoked life in her. Just a glance at him and her waves went wild overflowing on the sphere.
six hours had passed and he is over her now. she is swirled away with shy. he covered her face with waves. He wanted her. He wanted to grab her and hide her in his fiery heart. So he fired and she started evaporating herself. But that was slow. she raised more and more waves to reach him but that attempt failed. The sphere dint let her do that. so she slammed those waves on the sphere, bruising his sand and evaporated silently. the vaporized sea moved towards the sun entrapped in his warm love. He burnt himself again with his complete energy. He wanted her to reach him as soon as possible. He was ready to exceed his own limits to get hold of her. He eagerly spun spewing fire and now, even the sphere was heated. But the vapor stopped suddenly. It tried to forward but the atmosphere of the sphere didn't allow her. He was jealous of the sun and feared of losing the sea. So he started turning his face hiding the sea from the sun. sun looked helpless. he was angry, sad and more than anything, he was terrified. He cannot lose her. He cannot afford to lose her. he couldn't even bear the thought of losing her. After all, she is the only one he had and she is the only one who had him. He fired more rays on to the sphere, but they fainted leaving twilight in the sky. sky turned red filled with the tears of sun. And there were replaced by the daily darks.
sea cried her heart out while her tears flew back in to her. she could feel the life leaving her. her heart slowed and the waves started disappearing .there was just a small sparkle of life and she wept with that.
This happened daily. the first 12 hours were filled with their love and the other left them in destitute. But they fought everyday for each other with equi-enthusiasm.But the crooked sphere had some other evil plans.
the new day wasn't the same as the previous day. he rose late. he was never late. suddenly, the truth she realized made her shiver. THE SPHERE MOVED AWAY FROM THE SUN. she couldn't see the sun crying for her silently. their vapor of love which struck in the sky started to condense and mingled with her tears. the rain drenched the sphere and made it gloomy. sun tried his best so that he can warm her again, but the sphere denied him again. he moved away from the sun and the sea froze. she was cold. she dried into ice as there were no tears left in her. the sea went into hibernation talking to the memories of the sun. he lived on the faintest sight he could get of the sea. the story continued for the years. both were alive for 12 hours making merry and rest in sobbing. they made sweet memories when they were close and lived on feeding on them for the rest of the period.
this continued for billions of year when sun decided to end it. as she couldn't reach him, he decided to grew himself. he knew that could kill him, but he wasn't alive without the sea either. so he swallowed the death pill and transformed into red giant. he ate up everything on the way. his own fires hurt him. the hydro-nuclei fusions killed his core. But he smiled as grew nearer to the sea. sea filled with euphoria. tsunamis and quakes were all around her celebrating her happyness. the sphere trembled and she squeezed him revengefully. he vomited through his volcanoes. he howled in pain as the sun and the sea sang songs of love.
But the red giant had already crossed his limits. the heart on his own surface ate him. he could see himself moving away from the sea. He began to shrink as a white dwarf. the sphere sought relief but it wasn't over. the sea laughed devilishly creating cyclones and tornadoes. she knew that sun is calling for the end. The destruction. The only way they could ever be together. she turned back and saw a minute dot. it was the white dwarf calling out for her. she raised her waves happily and flew into the void. White dwarf sucked the whole universe . the first two spheres where already annihilated. But he didn't mind. The sight of the sea getting closer him is what he sought and saw. There was no force to stop them from becoming one. they called for the destruction of the universe as they came closer. they could see ones reflection on the other. this is the moment they have been waiting for the billions of years. And in the next moment, they were one. They braced each other on the eve of destruction. he felt the coldness of the sea and she felt the lava of sun flowing in her. the sphere crumbled as the merged into each other. they cherished the moment of togetherness even its their end. they kissed passionately in the black hole of love.


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