.....we were just about to board the plane when...."Amy!"

I could swear Alex had shouted. She whirled around, whacking me with her plait.

"Listen Amy," he came huffing," Don't go! Please! I swear we'll work something out, I'm sorry!"

She gave a sob of joy and catapulted into his arms. They stood there on the tarmac, crying; both of them!

I rolled my eyes as I massaged my red, stinging cheek. Matters of love were way beyond me. As far as I was concerned, they were melodramatic, I got whacked as a by- product and those two lovebirds were going to get run over by a passenger bus if they didn't move; right about NOW!

"Well are you coming or should I go alone?" I asked impatiently.

"How can I come?

"Fine bye! Though do get off the tarmac. It worries me! A bus might get hurt!" I finished, quite pleased with my sarcasm.

"Oh nairika! One day you'll understand" she sighed in contentment.

"Yeah, blah blah! Adios!" and I boarded the flight on that cheerful note.

While I was seated I took an Advil before my head started spinning. Did I mention I'm prone to motion sickness? Then I opened my book and was magically teleported to a world that made sense. 

A man came up to me and asked," is this seat number 23E?" I started in my seat. 

I had had enough with the stupidity, so without looking up I answered," do you have potatoes for eyes? Its all lit up for heaven's sake?!" My tone was literally leaking acid.

He chuckled and sat down.

The airhostesses started their instructions and the plane took off. 

I put my book down and squeezed my eyes together tightly. I heard the chuckle again. I opened my eyes and glared at the guy next to me, ready to yell at him, but the words got caught in my throat. I gasped. HE WAS SO HANDSOME!!!

He had blonde hair, blue eyes, a square jaw and a lean yet strong figure. He was wearing a red ledd zepp t shirt, same as me, a black hoodie, jeans and sneakers. And he practically spelled out the casual yet hot look. I let out my breath in a huff.

He was looking at me in amusement, and then he cleared his throat and said, "Hi! I'm Skye lotoria, nice to meet you."

"Hi" I squeaked, and mentally face palmed, "I'm.............. Aisha d'costa"

he smiled, "which book?"

"Huh?" I was completely fogged out. I mean this was stupid. My thoughts only got so muddled before the Sanskrit papers I used to give in school.

I mentally kicked myself and then said," The moonstone."

"Ah that's a nice one! The cover did look familiar."

He read books! So we talked books and when we ran out of titles we went onto music. It wasn't surprising seeing as we both had on the same t-shirt.

I was quite myself, while we were talking. But my voice came out more high pitched than usual and my thoughts were still muddled. And I had a steady pain pounding in my skull. The Advil didn't seem to be working.

After sometime the topic changed to personal life. 

I became guarded. 

He told me he was an orphan and had a 35 year old brother. Oh by the way he was my age, in and around 24. 

As though I didn't know about this. I knew everything about Skye. I practically stalked him in my free time. 

He worked in an advertising firm. 

I told him some shit about myself. I felt as though I had known him for years. Though I did know him for years, precisely 11.

The plane descended, steadily into the Mumbai airport. 

We got off and said farewell. I started walking towards the luggage pickup when he yelled,"NAIRIKA!!" I whirled around in shock. He was standing there arms crossed over his broad chest, shaking his head disapprovingly, looking like the Greek god Apollo himself. 

Drat! I hadn't fooled him. I don't understand how I thought I could fool Skye, especially about me. 

He yelled again, right across the bloody airport building,"when will you ever stop lying? I'll call you tomorrow. See ya!" 

I blushed; apparently he hadn't lost his I'll- always-embarrass- nairika- to- death- trait. 

"you don't have my number!" I yelled back defensively.

"but I do have Amy's!." and with a wink over his shoulder and gracing me with his signature chuckle, he walked off disappearing into the crowd.

I stomped towards the luggage pickup. I had a bad feeling Amy's 'one day' was today. My heart was pounding while my traitor mind hummed 'is this love?' by bob Marley............

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