Selecting book:
One book done and I am on a roll. So much free time I have that in office, I can write book reviews too. For what? Arey, this is just to jog down my memory lane whenever I wish. And always it’s better to do something rather than thinking shit, right? So, it was time for yet another Indian author. Reading the summary at the back end of this book, I felt ok it’s another of those lighter books which you can finish in a day. A simple, romantic sweet book with never a message thrown in between, simply to pass time, the type that you can read while traveling, even in a Mumbai local train.

Day 1 (Reading first 20pages):
What!?! This is not a novel. This is just the usual gyan type of book, the Indianized version of probably Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Oh, please I should have at least read about the author Rachna Singh that she is a masters in psychology. This is so what I was not looking for. I hate self help books or motivational ones, saying in the same tone. Anything didactic simply flies off my head. And whenever I read such kind of content, it feels like “ok, so, what new are you going to tell me that I don’t actually know by myself?” And I made such fun of this book while talking to a friend of mine.

Day 2 (Reading continued):
No more alternatives I had while traveling to office. Since I had already borrowed this book, the next one I could get latest by the end of day only. But really, it turned out to be not so bad. It was again an easy going way of writing with comparisons drawn between males and females. And I laughed a lot. The girl says this and the boy keeps mum mom of the time, in exactly the same scenario. So who are this girl and boy around which the major chunk of her book revolves? Her kids. And I actually start empathizing with her mental state of parenting. Let’s see what more is there for me for Day 3.

Day 3 (My own philosophy):
I laughed a lot today while I was reading this book during my traveling to office. I don’t know what the other person beside me must be thinking, may be that I have gone crazy. But then I already am. My own drawn conclusion after reaching the end of this book:
When we say all males are same, the vice versa case holds true too. All females are same. Now the question arises why do we fall in love with a specific person, and then everything else around stops to exist? Ok. Let’s forget this discussion thread. Some other time “may be”, because I can just go on and on.

All in all, the book is ok-ish. You can give it a try if you like reading simple conversations of a household to forget your troubles, to give yourself a break and to be ready to break into a smile. Once again!!

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