It was time for yet another book to be borrowed from my office library. Just a brief introduction about me. I used to read a lot of books. I used to have lot of time. Then office happened. With the work pressures and household stuff, there was little time I had on my hand to indulge in any thing I loved once. And then I put in my papers in my current organization. And lo and behold, wow there’s so much free time now. I am not out of job right now. Just serving notice period with a few routine work to be performed daily. And that’s it.

So after a long long time, I browsed the kind of books on display and I wondered which one would be the best for a starter after almost a year. And I came across this book by Ravi Subramanian. Luckily I knew about this author, having bought one of his books previously “If God was a Banker” and I had liked it. The Indian authors these days have such a racy style of writing that you can just glide over. And when you add a particular profession to any kind of writing to find out the in-depth knowledge in a fiction set-up, it just adds to the charm of reading, at least for me. Robin Cook for medical and John Grisham for law. Oh, these are my favorite authors.

So enough of background and the author. Time for the contents of the book, which I ended up borrowing. The background was again a bank, a multinational at that. And there were money laundering activities which we keep on hearing about these days in news, albeit there was no Swiss bank, just an MNC bank almost right across your house. Lots of dirty money gets moved into India for nefarious activities to shame the government and to topple the current one. Also, the book gave a perspective of how high profile people make others dance to a tango and how they can make others' motives work for them. And what else? Let me remember. Yes, the backdrop of Nuclear Power Plant agitation going on at Devikulam (name modified from Kudankulam) whether it’s really safe or all the hullabu is sponsored by foreign agencies. The story just fits in right in what is happening under our noses and does not at any point in time feel like we are reading a fiction. Definitely worth the five stars!!

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