Whenever we want to study we always ponder upon the question, “Which source will be better, books and notes or the internet?”
The question is certainly crucial as it take a nerve when there are time crisis. During exams, almost everyone wants to utilize the time with the best resource of knowledge so that they can score well in the exams. This question struck even in the mind of the best time manager or the best schedule planner.
Books are one’s best friend. For students, it is the best source of knowledge. Whenever we open a book to search for a particular topic, we always end up with some other information in addition to the one we were searching. We need not to tally the intellectual level of information i.e. if the textbook we are referring is recommended in our syllabus or by the Professor, it will carry the information at par our level. But ofcourse, the books consume a lot of time and we have to consider to two or three of them to get the best information.
Internet is becoming the new best buddy of the youngsters. When we dig for something in the internet, we get a lot of reference at one place and the precise universally acceptable information from Wikipedia. But we rarely come across any extra information that could be helpful to us for another topic; we have to search for it at a new pace. Also, there are many things in internet which divides the concentration of the youngsters and they are forced to take a break out of studies even at the tight exam schedules.
The answer to this question is solely personal. But whenever you are searching for knowledge, consider books and when you are searching the precise matter on a topic, consider internet.

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