I was born to be a free soul
I was born to fly
Gone out for a stroll
No rules go by

They tried to catch me
To tie back my wings
Coz they just didn't see
The magical view and the things

No boundations, no rules to follow
No routine that I like
Little freedom that they'd allow
Not listening, I would go on a hike

"You can't do this, can't do that!
Sit striaght, smile sober, laugh no more"
"I'm not lisening to you, I've always been a rebellious brat!"
There I went laughing, walking out of the door

The bird in me did get caught
For they built a cage impossible to break
Every possible way of which I had thought
Yet every now and then, my wings I would shake

I never gave up, tried hard to escape
I opened the cage, for I found the key
The view that I had got, couldn't stop but gape
Headed out in the open, as I'm born to breakfree!

Tags: Goal

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