I am way too shocked after watching the news today..I am of the same age as the delhi girl who died..and it seems that some of my dreams also died today..I dreamt of a country which valued its womenfolk..I dreamt of a country which accorded them the highest respect..I dreamt of a country which would rise above watching below their neckline and see the grit and dedication on their faces..
I am numb..Numb not because I was raped..numb because my dreams were raped..Male ego is a harbinger of sick people's minds..They just take them to a fancy land where they treat themselves as kings and the womenfolk as paupers..I don't know when this mindset will change..When will the jeering and ogling stop..I just want my country to be gender-neutral..Damn,I so badly want it..
Let us not be onlookers when a mob of sadistic,retarded people teases girls..Let us not be onlookers when the cries of help ring in our ears..Let us be what we were meant to be..HUMANE.
Braveheart,you will be the seed upon which a new revolution will germinate..You will be the axis upon which our society will revolve for change..You are a true inspiration..We will always love you..

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