Sometimes I want to break free,
Out of my own scattered soul.
Flowing and flying I want to go,
To a mind of silence and harmony.
People expect so much nowadays,
Whom will I satisfy during my stay.
The rich place me at the doorstep,
The poor place me at the temple.
Someday people will chase me,
Hurl down rocks of mirth and anger.
Spraying me with the color red,
They will trample and toss me like rag.
Sometimes I want to break free,
Of relations which burden my shoulders.
The divide widening between brethren,
I want to pass all with eyes closed.
My destiny has shaped my irony,
The truth is but a fireball in a catapult.
Soft-spoken I lie down on face,
The hair-strand sadly still in place.

Tags: Self, Freedom, People

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