There are times when you feel that things are going in your favour until you meet the reality. Soon after facing the reality your world turns upside down. Everything that you were aware suddenly vanishes from your eyesight and all of a sudden you find yourself in a dark forest on a no moon night with no place to go. It is your inner strength that then guides you through that dark forest and take you the near by shelter, for the time being.

I could say all these things since I have personally gone through some similar situation in the recent time. Though it's being a week and few days, I am still trying to stand on my feet. For the initial days it was hard for me to even imagine what happened, but after a few day I got my senses and analyzed everything. It was then my inner self woke up and I got my lesson of the lifetime—'Never expect anything from anyone. You're the captain of your own life.'

Life has it's own way of teaching you lessons of life. Generally, professor will give you a theoretical knowledge before allowing you for any practical work. Whereas, life does it otherwise. Ever since I got the latest lesson of life, I feel a bit weak from within. Obviously, my entire thought process and faith was shaken up. So, for now, I am trying to get the hang of my life and trying to take the full control of my life. Trust me, it's not that easy since I realised that there is a thick shell that covers me.

Any new born baby has to break the shell to come out in the world. This is my turn, at the age of 27, to break the shell around me and make my own name. I am trying to shift the focus of everyone around me from second name to first name, and this won't be an easy task at all. I have to change my perspective towards life and start doing what I like, without worrying of what people expect out of me.

Half of my dreams were buried just because someone else didn't wanted me to take risk. It was shocking how my life was controlled by someone else, who was surely close to me, but definitely isn't walking on my path. Surprisingly, I was blindly following their instruction thinking they might be right, until recently.

Recently, I realised that it's my life that matters a lot. I realised that every human has different destination and is supposed to move in that direction, irrespective of the fact that where his/her friends or family is heading. We live in a society wherein we bound others by rules that is not valid and can vary from person to person. We have set a norm where a person is supposed to act and do what society expects him/her to do.

These set norms can be helpful at times, but in some rare cases they are harmful and handcuff a person from making his/her dream come true. I am trying to break that bondage and want to break free. From the day I realised that I need to live my life in my own terms, I have stopped thinking about what others has to say about my actions. I started believing in the fact that this is my journey, I can seek advice but only I can walk on it. It's up to me if I want to take their advice or not.

The moment you realise that you're your only support system, you turn responsible. You start to take things seriously and analyse everything before moving ahead. You are free and are ready to take risk. You see your dream ahead of you and that becomes your aim. The moment you are on the right track, you start to move and then eventually run towards your aim.

Someone shared his great thought to me recently. He said, "I don't want to run behind money or fame. I simply want to achieve my dream. Money and fame will come to you the moment you're living your dream or doing what you actually wanted to do." These lines are so true and right that I decided to follow this. Now, after going through a minute nervous breakdown and a bad time, I am ready to stand and aim at my dream. I urge all the people out there to simply follow your dreams without worrying about what others have to say. Remember, it's your dream and your life, no one else will be able to understand your destiny. Just break the shell and grow...

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