"The curve that you see here, intersects the X-axis at 0 and Y at....", with these words the maths teacher infront of my eyes faded to oblivion while the vivid mental imagery of a curvaceous lady occupied the fore.

And these questions arrested my mind: Are we all equations in space? Equations in motion? Desperately in search of our 'solution'...wait...what's that? An equation in search of its solution?! That's so fantastic. A self-aware equation! An 'intelligent' equation!

So where lies the 'solution'? May be it's in death. Or may be it's in the birth of an offspring. Or is it in the sight of that first opposite sex that gives us the astonishment, "Voila, she/he is the one made for me; the one who will complete me"?

Or is it in the concurrent orgasm that is actually the 'solution' of living equations? That particular, rare instance when a couple reach the climax together? Or does the solution lie in the two crossing fluids that after sometime, become the breathing flesh in the womb?

To all these questions I had an answer innocent enough, to make a socrates of me: "I do not know".

However the thing that made equations 'aware' of the solution, I thought, were: The female buttocks/thighs. These were the things that always seemed to entice and beckon me, "Come here, we possess the anti-restlessness nectar. It will cancel the restlessness inside you. And what is in you will cancel out us: the restlessness in this female "host equation". So we, crossing each other will become solution to our "home-curves/equations". It's like matter and anti-matter colliding to give pure energy, however, annihilating each other. So come here, retire in us, or you will die of loneliness and dryness"

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