I began in October '12. It was an exciting journey from then on. I really enjoyed my stint on you, the freedom with which I could express myself..the admin really tolerated me haha.
Thank you.
Lovely memories, beautiful images of you, I shall always carry with me wherever I go.
Thank you, wb, you helped me get through my tough times, when I could pour out my heart to you.
Thanks for true feedback, unflattering comments too. I knew I had to improve.
You made a writer out of me.
All who see me now, call me one, though I know I still have miles to go!
Thank you for giving me friends for life, for making me laugh.
Thank you for refreshing company of the young, they make me feel like one of them too.
I delved into their messed up, topsy turvy lives and understood what my teens must be going through too.
They are so straight, frank and unpretentious.
I learned, I matured, I grayed out here.
But the time has come for me to go.
I carry with me precious memories.
Thank you admin, thank you friends, thank you writerbabu....

(those on fb can still see me, i'll keep writing my blogs on http://sujajaco.blogspot.in/..
most of them I have lifted straight from off my wb archives here..)

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