Once upon a time there was a cute bhaiya and his naughty little behna named Putanki. Bhaiya was cool, adamant, intelligent, sincere, obedient, hardworking, active and down to earth while behna was just relatively closer to earth, not exactly dumb, very lazy and liked living in her own world filled with all nice daydreams anyone will dream of. Life was going very coolly, calmly and at a pleasant slow pace for Putanki but one day as usual when she was coming home gobbling a big five star in her way back from school, No...She was not kidnapped, she reached home and mummy cuddled her too much, No... It was not her birthday, this was usual, behna then went to bhaiya?s room and he was studying definitely usual but bhaiya said to Putanki, ?there is a surprise for you in fridge?, this was not usual Putanki rushed in frenzy to the fridge...she opened the door of refrigerator to find a small purple-yellow wrapper of a chocolate, it took her less than milliseconds to identify it a small rs.2 chocolate, she gleefully took it out to get it melted in her mouth but she was perplexed to see it was half ate and half kept for her, it was surprising for her, bhaiya bought just one chocolate over a long time keeping in view of financial conditions at home and that also he ate only half and resisted other half for his behna who was at that time feeling like shrinking to ground with regret of devouring hundreds of five stars in her way back from school everyday and these treats were sponsored by dad?s emergency fund so it was ate all alone without ever having a second thought of sharing with bhaiya, she felt with regret last Cadbury that was already converted into blood running all over in veins meeting the calorie requirement of her body, that small creature felt smaller?.that day nothing changed in putanki?s life but she got to know how much her bhaiya loves her and she loves him too. Dedicated to you dear bhaiya as my first post?,love u

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