Push a needle, point a knife at me; or draw a sword through
Hang me, or stone me to death; I desire freedom from you
Trapped in iron hands, steadfast I resolve;
I'll fly even out of breath, some 'way' I'll evolve

The pointy-gnaws clutch & tear me up; don't force, i say to thee
Please stop, thrust i must; to fly and be free

I am tough soul; you may bind, shackle me ruthlessly
I'll climb a tree, dig tunnel if must; understand you idiot, I'll flee

My signal, smart you are; I'm sure you will get
Entrapped in a pit of stainless steel,I'll find a way; do not fret

Spread boundless, I'll break apart; drunk with power is the cage
I am not helpless as it seems; it's life's one 'not good' phase

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